How To Leverage Your Strengths Professionally (CliffStrengths) (Online Group Coaching Program with Eva Lee)*

How To Leverage Your Strengths Professionally (CliffStrengths) (Online Group Coaching Program with Eva Lee)*

When: August 22, 2018

Identify your top 5 strengths and use your strengths in your work to thrive! Be part of a small, three-person intimate online group session in gaining insights on your CliftonStrengths*. Recommended participants with experience level between entry level to mid level careers.

Eva Lee is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach since 2016 and currently works in Student Affairs, developing career programs, employer relations, and career counseling students in higher education. Her theoretical approach includes Solution Focused, Design Thinking, Happenstance, and John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice. Her passion in supporting women stems from her early onset experience in helping others explore their career post-graduation. She identifies as a Hmong American dedicated to helping others succeed in finding a fulfilling and thriving career using their strengths.


  • CliftonStrengths Assessment Report
  • Private Online Group Session
  • Walkthrough of the Assessment
  • Awareness and insight of how your strengths appear in your life
  • Skills to leverage your strengths in an interview


*Hmong Women Take on the World is sponsoring this Online Group Coaching Program and making this available for FREE for three participants. To be considered, you must attend our Facebook LIVE for drawing details. Check out for more information.

About The Founder, Elizabeth Yang

About The Founder, Elizabeth Yang

Elizabeth Yang is a business strategist specializing in customer experiences and leadership through social growth. She helps business leaders gain financial benefits from building a customer-first organization that invests in inclusive global community experiences. She shows them how to build a profitable, customer-first organization with strength-based teams and build a social network to help achieve goals. She is a speaker, trainer, and advisor that has worked with many global leaders and brands to get seen, heard, and connected to monetize.

From leading emerging technology team in innovation to alignment across global teams and locations, Elizabeth brings nearly two decades of experience at top Fortune 50 companies working with executives and leading teams to turn ideas into viable business growth across health care, education, staffing and retail. She’s also gives back by serving on boards and committees for many non-profit organizations.

She saw that the #1 difference in initiatives that succeeded or failed was the leader’s ability to rally people to support and build the vision. This common phenomenon across her expertise in product, innovation, marketing and organizational transformations was when she recognized the mastery in inclusive leadership and the power of social networks, starting with the art of conversations.

“Saved” by the power of her social network, Elizabeth’s biggest turning point was when she got laid off and rehired all on the same day on her 8th year company anniversary while on vacation with her family.

Elizabeth’s a continuous learner that’s known for her ability to think strategically in seeing the big picture and operationalizing the vision for teams to execute methodically. She geeks out on technology and is an active listener where she can spot the “1 degree shift” that people need to make to get the biggest ROI (return on investment).

Elizabeth is also founder of Hmong Women Take on the World, a global online summit that celebrates women and girls using emerging technology, product marketing, and social media. Launched in just 6 months, the crowdfunded campaign raised $30K USD and generated 100+ curated stories, bringing together 60 partners across 8 different countries, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Laos, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam.

She’s a Gallup Builder Profile Talents (BP10) coach with certifications in Pragmatic Marketing (PMC), Harvard’s consulting continuing education program, and BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits for behavioral change. She’s a former PhD candidate, studying Human Factors & Ergonomics. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Technical Communications and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Marketing & Communications.