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LIVE INTERACTION: High Productivity Tips Working From Home

Every time the work day ends, odds are you’re not satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. Productivity is a work in progress. 

The entire family is now home with you. Distractions are louder than ever. Staying highly productive isn’t just about a shorter to-do list. Productivity is about being intentional with your priorities, space, and proactive ways to keep your mind and body moving.

Elizabeth Yang shares with you her proven tips and routines as a high performer for staying productive so you walk away every day feeling more accomplished and centered. 

Hint: You need to schedule virtual calls for accountability. 

We’ll cover: 

• Morning routines
• Why your 5 senses must be activated
• How your school kids can help (if that’s applicable for you)
• Best ways and online tools for “clearing” the distractions on your laptop and phone
• How to improve your planning and meeting outcomes


• Productivity Checklist and Elizabeth’s 3 Fave Free Apps


• Live interactive webinar. No recordings will be made available after the event.  No refunds.
• Part of our 10X Performance Series. We are committed to an ambitious online community to 10X performance in business with heart.

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