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April 2020

LIVE INTERACTION: Leading Remote Teams for High Virtual Engagement

As the founder/business owner, you may be feeling the pressure, exhaustion, and fear as the downturn poses a threat to health, office safety, and a radical shift in day to day focuses. Issues of hiring in a great market are moving toward hiring freezes, virtual approaches to face-to- face interactions, and managing a team in crisis.Your leadership is more critical than ever: Rapid or sudden shift from growing to retaining or redesigning.Managing “right” sizing and/or re-allocating of resources; Managing health and safety of people that work for you; Your teams and customers need you to SHOW UP with compassionate leadership.Elizabeth Yang walks you through the 5 mental and emotional stages you and your team may be going through right now and how to use your personal and company values to get through those stages. She’ll also share with you ways to engage your virtual teams.  ...
14 Apr
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

LIVE INTERACTION: High Productivity Tips Working From Home

Every time the work day ends, odds are you’re not satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. Productivity is a work in progress. The entire family is now home with you. Distractions are louder than ever. Staying highly productive isn’t just about a shorter to-do list. Productivity is about being intentional with your priorities, space, and proactive ways to keep your mind and body moving.Elizabeth Yang shares with you her proven tips and routines as a high performer for staying productive so you walk away every day feeling more accomplished and centered. Hint: You need to schedule virtual calls for accountability. We’ll cover: Morning routines; Why your 5 senses must be activated; How your school kids can help (if that’s applicable for you); Best ways and online tools for “clearing” the distractions on your laptop and phone; How to improve your planning and meeting outcomes ...
21 Apr
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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