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We help you Uncover Opportunities OFTEN LOOKS LIKE ​ A new product or service or perhaps another version. But uncertain with where to start or how-to prioritize. There’s a good idea or two. Driven by a marketplace shakeup. Top-down leadership craving innovation and...

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How a mom-daughter talk led to a global celebration of Hmong women

Elizabeth Yang’s journey to unite Hmong women across the globe started with a heartbreaking talk with her 7-year-old daughter. It was bedtime and they were talking about their day. “And for some reason, I happened to ask her if she told her friends at school that her Hmong name was Nouchi because she was very adamant that at school I call her Evelyn,” Yang said of that conversation last fall.

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Hmong Women Inspired to Take on the World

Elizabeth Yang and her daughter Evelyn Nouchi Vang, wearing scarves that can be purchased at the online shop. Photo by Elizabeth Yang. Elizabeth Yang’s seven-year-old daughter just wanted her friends at school to think she was Asian, not Hmong.

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New Habit Hacks Webinar

Get ready to jumpstart the new year with new habit hacks! Learn how you can change your behavior with new habits with little to no motivation. We’ll take a proven research approach to what makes habits stick.

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