We show ambitious people and companies
how to stand out with profitable, customer-first results.


We amplify ambitious people and companies
to stand out for amazing results.


The innate human desire to pursue better exists within each of us. Growing yourself or your company isn’t a solo game. Good-to-great companies and individual legacies are built surrounded by remarkable people. That’s why we’re here. We amplify ambitious people and companies to stand out and thrive in a hyper-connected world. 


From consulting and coaching to trainings and workshops, we provide breakthrough solutions that transforms from the inside-out for better customer experiences with the right people. Your results depend solely on your well-being, higher performance, and clearer purpose with measurable outcomes.


A customer-first culture to grow your business requires inclusive leadership at every seat.

We focus on diversity to create strengths-based teams. Today’s diverse hyper connected world means team structures can range from remote teams to Virtual Assistants (VA) overseas to partners contracting with you.  

People operations starts with culture adds and then we calibrate the customer-first thinking and doing for the thriving culture that you envision.


We focus on the disciplines required to envision, create, and sustain rave-worthy customer experiences (CX).

Success, ease, and emotions are the pillars of customer experiences that matter. 

We engineer experiences across your business model and workflow with face-to-face and online interactions in mind and then we make recommendations to improve people, processes, and technologies to deliver on the CX pillars.


Conversations that attract the right people to join you and converts is what accelerates you in achieving your business goals faster. 

We focus on showing you how to create and nurture a powerful social network that works for you with authenticity. 

Our proprietary Power-Up Circle dials in on the 5 types of people you must surround yourself with to move forward and recharge, from the right customers to teams, sounding board, and professional contacts.

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5 X Amplifier

Struggling with your purpose or value? The 5X Amplifier brings your Why, How, and What to life
to help you define your Story, which then enables you to Create and amplify. Clarity helps you gain
alignment so you can realize your vision, prioritize you …..

Audit Your Life: How Satisfied Are You?

Life Self-Assessment

Take a 360 view of your life and discover where you need to focus and improve.

The 10-Question Customer Experience Audit

Find out if you’re customer experience is optimized because your customers love you and outstanding talent is clamoring to work for you. The optimal customer experience increases sales and boosts retention for your best customers and employees.

Your Next Move to Achieving Greatness

Our Greatness AcceleratorSM helps you identify where you’re stuck and often feel conflicted. It also highlights the tension People of Other often face. Elizabeth Yang spent years working with behavioral change models and diverse leaders and teams to uncover how you can pivot into that next move so you can achieve your greatness and leave your legacy.

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From Our Clients
“I wished we had worked with Elizabeth earlier on before we started. We could of determined our value propositions and validated much sooner.”
Alice C. Lee-Osborne

CEO, AACExchange

“Working with Elizabeth has been invaluable. She’s passionate and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. A true joy of a woman to be around and learn from.”
Kimberly Osborne

Graphic Designer, Osborne Design

“Elizabeth helped bring more clarity to what my company can do for its target market. Good team building.”
Rose Olea

COO, AACExchange

“I heard about what Elizabeth did for Hmong Women Take on the World and I had to have her come do it for ASPIRE.”
Nischa Xiong

Mentorship Board, ASPIRE


Join us and learn breakthrough solutions to grow and accelerate.

How To Leverage Your Strengths Professionally

August 22, 2018

Hmong Speak Bootcamp (Online)

October 2018

New Habit Hacks Webinar

November 2018


C E O / F O U N D E R

“I understand the competing priorities that our clients face with valuable time ticking away. That’s why every engagement, product, service, and experience created is intentional about keeping your future top of mind for you now.”
Elizabeth Yang is the Founder & CEO of Better With Company. She brings over 15 years of experience from top Fortune 500 companies in Research & Development innovation, product development, and marketing. She’s launched several multi-million dollar growth initiatives and led emerging technology teams in taking new ideas to market launch by staying focused on the customer experience and people culture.

Elizabeth is a Tiny Habits Coach obsessed with productivity hacks for behavioral changes in life and business. She advises start ups and serves as a mentor at PULSE@MassChallenge, a digital health innovation lab based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Offering breakthrough solutions that transforms from the inside-out for better well-being, higher performance, and clearer purpose with measurable outcomes

She founded Hmong Women Take on the World’s Live Global Virtual Summit, a global initiative that fuses her passions in emerging technology, product marketing, and social media to create inspirational experiences. The crowdfunded campaign raised $30K and generated 100+ curated global stories and brought together a leadership team of 60 partners around the world across 8 different countries, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Laos, USA, and Vietnam.

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